Plastic laboratery

In our plastics laboratory we can offer you material controls, developments for customers, laboratory tests, tensile tests and many other possibilities.

To meet the increasing requirements of the more and more complex ways of looking at a problem, we established a plastics laboratory at our location in Münchenbuchsee. In this laboratory we are able to test own production processes and developments according to international standards and to supervise the development. Naturally we also carry out external assignments. We can carry out for you the following analyses and tests at attractive conditions:

  • Climatic tests / environmental simulations from -40°C, to +180°C and from 0% to 99% relative humidity. Size of the test specimen maximum approx. 300 x 300 x 500 mm
  • Tensile, bending and pressure tests with test specimens, up to 1000N
  • Size of the test specimen maximum approx. 300 x 500 mm
  • Peeling- & shearing tests up to 1000N tear-off force
  • Adherence tests (tensile tests according to standard norms)
  • Material identification by means of FTIR
  • Component testing up to 1000N
  • Material identification by FTIR analysis of plastics
  • Plasma treatment to increase the surface tension of polymers
  • compression tests on plastics and components