CNC processing

Often the CNC processing or the chipping of semi-finished plastic products is preferable to the injection moulding manufacturing. The dimensional tolerances of the CNC processing are tighter than those of the injection moulding process. By the processing on state-of-the-art CNC milling machines we can cut your milling parts without you having to make high investments in tools. We process many thermoplastics such as Plexiglas, PMMA, acryl glass, PET, PETG, POM, PA6, PC and PVC. On our material database you can find technical information about our machinable plastics.

On our 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centres with a machining surface of up to 2200 x 3200 millimetres we mill contours and complex geometries as well as 3-D-surfaces. State-of-the-art, CNC operated and with up to 5 axes equipped turning machines with powered tools and semi-automatic operation offer a solution for all your requirements.

  • CNC machining milling and turning plastics
  • Pumpengehäuse CNC bearbeitet, gefräst aus PETG Polyester