To produce highly demanding assembly groups for the medicinal technology and electronics Cellwar installed a cleanroom according to ISO class 5. In the up-to-date, fully air-conditioned and with overpressure ventilated room we are able to produce optically perfect display bonding (optical bonding). Regarding this very sensitive bonding it is important to work under absolutely particle and dust-free conditions. A filter system cleans the air and directs it by way of special HEPA air purifiers in the cleanroom. The material and the employees reach the room by way of separate locks.

Your advantages:

  • Bonding carried out under standard atmosphere = minimal bracing
  • Dust- and particle free bonding and assembly
  • Bonding of displays and touch sensors for electronics (HMI devices)
  • Adhesions in the clean room designed for the highest optical quality
  • Glue dosage on gluing robot for high precision and repeatability
  • Quality control according to your requirements